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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I feel like I may have a cold (or tummy hasn't been feeling right,) it's not too bad, should I still come in?


A: I would highly recommend that you reschedule your appointment to a time where you feel better; stomach or flu symptoms, please wait 5-7 days after symptoms subside. Not only could massage make you feel worse (especially if you don't know what type of illness you have) and tax your body, but I risk the chance of getting sick too!


Q: I have a prescription from my doctor, will this allow me to use my insurance?


A: Prescriptions are not a guarantee of insurance coverage nor is it considered a preauthorization. Please visit the insurance page on this site to get more info on the insurance companies I am contracted with; my billing specialist can get a quote of your benefits but ultimately it is your responsibility to know and understand your benefits.

A: No special attaire is required for your massage treatment. When on the table you are covered with a sheet and blanket and your modesty is of the utmost importance.

Q: What should I wear to my appointment?

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