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Quite simply put, Kit is by far the best of the best.  She is extremely knowledgeable and tailors treatments precisely to your need.    As a sufferer of lower back and leg pain for years, she not only addresses the problem areas, but also provides input and ideas of contributing factors to the problems.  She creates a great environment, where I leave my session feeling like I walk taller, with a clear mind and refreshed view. I am thrilled to have to been a regular client for over 10 years now.
-Tim J.

Kit is my all time favorite massage therapist. She is always cheerful and works hard to individualize her treatments every session.  She is so knowledgable about how specific muscles function and how to get them to release.  Without her help I could never have run the half marathon!  She kept me feeling good and feeling optimistic about overcoming the stubborn aches and pains I've struggled with for years.  Each visit was a giant step forward toward eliminating my pain. ! Her business is well named as she has really helped me connect with and appreciate my "Inner Balance"!:)
-Mary T.

In massage therapy there is a balance between pressures, a balance between energies. Between physical and emotional. Kit embodies this more than any therapist I've worked with. She helps bring you back to your center and enables you to find your balance once again while working with you to achieve the goals you want from your massage. Always amazing to receive massage from her!
-Melissa M.

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